Archipheretima middletoni

Archipheretima middletoni

Common Names

Fried Eggs Worm

Languages: English


Brief Summary

Archipheretima middletoni is a giant earth worm endemic to the Philippines.  These indigo blue worms have white spots with yellow centres that resemble little fried eggs.  They have therefore been called "Fried Egg Worms" in news articles following the species description published in 2009.

Author(s): Schulz, Katja
Rights holder(s): Schulz, Katja


James, S. W. (2009).  Revision of the earthworm genus Archipheretima Michaelsen (Clitellata: Megascolecidae), with descriptions of new species from Luzon and Catanduanes Islands, Philippines. Organisms Diversity & Evolution. 9(3), 244.e1 - 244.e16.