Caretta caretta

Caretta caretta Linnaeus 1758

Common Names

Loggerhead (English)

Languages: English

Conservation and Management


Peckham et al. (2007) found that small-scale fisheries result in significant bycatch mortality of loggerheads, rivaling that of oceanwide industrial-scale fisheries. To address this serious threat, the authors advocate the localization of coastal high use areas and mitigation of bycatch in partnership with small-scale fishers.

Author(s): Shapiro, Leo
Rights holder(s): Shapiro, Leo


  • Caouana elongata GRAY 1844 (synonym)
  • Chelonia Caouana DUMÉRIL 1835 (synonym)
  • Chelonia caretta DYCE 1861 (synonym)
  • Chelonia multiscutata Kuhl 1820 (synonym)
  • Testudo caouana LACÉPÈDE 1788 (synonym)
  • Testudo caretta Linnaeus, 1758 (synonym)
  • Testudo corianna GRAY 1831 (synonym)
  • Testudo nasicornis LACÉPÈDE 1788 (synonym)
  • Thalassochelys caretta BOULENGER 1886 (synonym)


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