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This LifeDesk is used by the EOL species pages group to quickly create new EOL species pages that are not yet covered by any of our content partners. If you would like to suggest a species that is in urgent need of coverage, please send a message to the EOL Species Pages Group.

If you are a scientist or advanced student and would like to author one or several species pages, you can join this LifeDesk and use it to export your images and taxon descriptions to EOL.  When you register, please be sure to provide information about your academic background.  If you are not a scientist, you can join the EOL Interns LifeDesk to develop species pages for EOL. 

This LifeDesk is a good option for scientists who want to create just a few pages.  If you want to create many pages, you should think about creating your own LifeDesk or joining one of EOL's many content partners.  If you need advice on the best way to contribute your materials to EOL, please send a request for assistance to our content partner support team.  Describe the materials you want to share and give us an idea of the number of taxa you can provide. We will then contact you to determine the best method to support your contribution.  A general overview of different ways to contribute to EOL is provided on the Help Build EOL page.

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